Sunday, 16 June 2013

Garden party anyone?

Or as I like to call it 'The quick let's gone it done in time to wear it to Easter' dress..
FYI- I've been a shit blogger,and haven't posted anything for over a month.. but I have been really busy/about to transition into a new job....Soz. I have still been following everyone and keeping up to date on new patterns etc.. (Elisalex's to come) also homg on the bombshell swimsuits out there..
Anyway back to the Garden dress..
I gotta say this free pattern from Elise over at HonigDesigns is such a cute little dress:)
I used some sort of wool poly blend I got from a thrift store for $3 so turned out to be another great little bargain.. which is great seems I F*&%$d the back...
and didn't realise (idiot) until I had completely finished the dress and hand stitched the lining in, GGrrrr.. Nevermind..
When I get around to it I will hopefully fix it (erm probably never, so lazy)

Also I think my bust darts may be too high up on the bodice, and if I made it again I would make the sleeves a little larger (Elise has a tute on this)
I should have made it a little longer too, but only because I don't like my legs all out and about..
But all up the dress came together fairly quickly and apart from me being a retard was simple to piece together :)

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