Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Electric Blue

Ahhhh Gotta love Holidays and Christmas and getting money to spend on new things :)
Instead of blowing it all on clothes and shoes (like I normally do) I decided to buy a dress form (which was on special for $175!!) and a whole bunch of new fabrics and patterns :)

Ok dresses..So when I found this fabric online, I loved it and bought it without having a pattern in mind... which is strange because I normally work the other way round :)
It's my first burda pattern, which I found to be a little confusing :| let's just say there was a lot of unpicking..
So the pattern was Burda 7132
I decided to make the dress, which has a worky kind of feel to it.
First dress without lining, and my first facings.. the zip was also extremely long, and it took me a few goes to get it right and even then I wasn't 100% happy with the finished zip..hmmphh anyway here it is..


It's really hard to see the pleats at the front of the dress, because of the pattern, but they are really cute:)

Also I was browsing through a thrift shop and came across a $4.50 quilt cover, which I used to make another Butterick B5748.. Eekk I love the full skirts..can't get enough :) I will make so many more of these
dresses, they are fairly simple and only have 4 pieces, which is great!

Gee sorry for the long post :)


  1. I love the pattern of the fabric on the first dress!

  2. Oh wow I love your version well done!! Agree that fabric is very cool!! What a perfect little dress!

    1. Thanks so much, got the pattern after I saw yours;)

  3. Love these dresses. You are too cute.

  4. What a fun color! Cute dress! If your zipper is longer than you'd like it to be, you can whack off the bottom and just sew several stitches across the teeth where you'd like the zipper to stop. I buy handfuls of 22" zippers and then chop them down to the right size. :)

    1. Thank you for the advice:)
      I'm a little crap at the top bit of the zipper..it always sticks out of the fabric..if this makes sense? :)

  5. Great dress! It looks really well put together. I usually get inspired by fabric and then pick a pattern, so it's interesting you work the other way around! Maybe I should try that. I've only sewn with a burda pattern once, and it was definitely confusing!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thsnkyou:) I have a feeling if I did that I would have a housefull of fabric and my husband might kill me hahah



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