Thursday, 21 February 2013

Madeleine Mini Bloomers

EEEEEPPPPP... After I saw these over at Peneloping, I knew I wanted some of my own.. LOVE them, so cute :)
They were fairly easy to make and came together pretty quickly, so I was pretty chuffed :)
Fabric used was leftover from one of my many Butterick B5748 dresses, blogged here..

Hmmm this is how they look on the model. Compared to me.
The bodies are unbearably close I know, you can hardly tell the difference...

                                                                                          (Source: Coletterie website)

So I probably should have read all the reviews on them before I cut them out but Mehh....
As many people have said they are really low on the waist and could probably do with a few inches added. On my FB Kathy mentioned to me the crotch depth seemed too shallow, which I also agree on... But this also might be due to my ever expanding arse.

Either way I think pattern mods would be fairly simple for when I make another pair, Because I will definitely be making them 100 times over :)

Also am thinking of doing a revamp of my sewing room, and would love any ideas?
Got some great ones already from Judith ;)
and gonna get the hubby to make me one of these babies that I found here. Oooh Yeah


  1. Love the bloomers, can't wait to make them myself. My husband for christmas made me a massive thread board, its a bit excessive but I love it. I'll have to put pictures up on my blog soon, but the photo of the rack is very awesome!

  2. Your bloomers look amazing :) very pretty fabric. My first re-jig of the pattern was to slash pattern 5cm from top and insert 4cm. Result: they still sit low on the hip, but of course slightly longer in the legs, which means they look very much like old-fashioned bloomers! Next pattern mod I will decrease leg length which should bring the look closer to the original!

    PS: I have been coveting this thread rack for some time...

    1. Thanks :)
      Aahh ok, nice work.. he has agreed to it Yessss.. so ill let u know how it goes ;)

  3. I love how they turned out! What a cute fabric! Now I want a pair of floral ones too xx

    1. Was stoked when I found this fabric:) Was an old quilt cover from an op shop for like $4, score!! :) x

  4. Too cute! That fabric is so sweet! I love my Maddie bloomers and made a comfy Sorbetto and they are now my jammies. And may we talk a moment about that spool holder- freaking. rad.

    1. Thanks mate :) Yeah think I'm going to attempt a sorbetto this weekend, if I'm not to hungover, which is highly likely :| I'll get around to it haha..
      Ohh not only is hubby going to make one, but he assures me he will make a better version, lol..

  5. Awwww so cute...this is my next project...well it was before I made my lastest; which was an apron...but for some reason all the pages didnt print and now im out of ink! did a great job! :)

    1. Haha oh dear! Get on the printing, they are adorable. You will make loads!
      Cute apron ;)

  6. That model is way too thin. If I saw her I would invite her over to my house and feed her. You look way better in your very cute version of these.



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