Monday, 10 March 2014

By Hand London Love

Hey There,
Eep another long time with no post. There is a reason tho, not just my lazy ways.
Since I got back from Tas (the size of a hippo) I have been trying to lose weight, so decided to not sew anything for myself until it was worth my while.
It gave me a chance to hem some curtains *yawn*and sew some cushions to pass the time.. after about 34 cushions ending up on the couch I had lost some weight and decided I might sew something for myself.. the husband agreed..(he's currently suffocating in cushions)

So I decided on a 'Fat dress' if you will, something flowy and not tight that I could wear to work, casual outings etc.. since I've been wearing my Polly Top alot to work, I thought hey why not make it into a dress, so I did.
I used leftover cotton sateen from my New look 6124 dress, which I dont think I blogged, but looks along the lines of this one. The purple is a light linen which I only had about 1.5 mtrs of that I picked up from the local Op Shop Sewing Centre for $2 ;)
I wear it to work at least once a week, because its easy, colourful and much more fun than my boring black suits. Also it looks really cute with my Mel flats, that I totally bought after seeing them on Roisin's site that woman's shoes..*drool*
So once I started with the sewing and the fitting and the cutting out of fabric, I was like an addict.
This is where Georgia came in. Oh Georgia.
I have been madly following the #Georgiadress tag on Instagram for agessss, dying to make one. I love the shape, I love everyone's versions, and lets be honest I just love everything By Hand London do.
I swear every time I catch up, they bring another pattern out. You are killing me girls.

So I made one... then I made another one.. and I already want another.
GAH.. I couldn't help it. She was calling to me.

The dress itself comes together pretty quickly,
I made a muslin which I noted left my boobs a bit like HELLO THERE but whatevs.
The blue satin was my first and woah it tis a bit tight. (side note: put the pizza down)
I cut a size US12 and left all the seams at 5/8". I shouldn't have.
Also I'm not sure I am in love with the fabric/colour :/  But this may be because I am not used to the shinyness of satin?
So next up was my Black version, this fabric is like a cottony stretchy corduroy weird thing haha.. 
I still cut a size 12 but changed the seams to 3/4. This made the fit better, and more comfortable, also no zip needed ;)
Due to the fabric being so thick I had to top stitch the bodice to stop it from bloody moving around, oh and trying to handstitch the lining in was a Bitch.
I also tapered the skirt to make it more pencil style :)
I really REALLY want to make her in a Cotton Sateen, I just haven't found the right colour yet.. Dark Purple people. Keep your eyes peeled for me.
Ugh please excuse my disgusting hair, I am DYING to get in done soon, but due to the PPS it is rarer than normal.

Totally unrelated to sewing, I am planning a Europe Trip with the Hubs in Sept.. Wooohooo!
I know the blogosphere is large, and would LOVE any advice/suggestions about where to go, what to see (where the fabric shops are) ;)
Apart from our Topdeck tour (eastern spirit if your interested or have done it before?) which is planned, we are visiting:
Rome, Munich, Barcelona, Paris, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Dubai. :D

PPPS: How do you stop yourself from feeling like a twit in pictures?

Would love to hear from you

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