Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Oscar goes to..

I don't think I ever dislike an Oscar de la Renta gown.... *sigh*
Ohh the time and effort that would have gone into this dress..

but Holy Crap, it is gorgeous

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Madeleine Mini Bloomers

EEEEEPPPPP... After I saw these over at Peneloping, I knew I wanted some of my own.. LOVE them, so cute :)
They were fairly easy to make and came together pretty quickly, so I was pretty chuffed :)
Fabric used was leftover from one of my many Butterick B5748 dresses, blogged here..

Hmmm this is how they look on the model. Compared to me.
The bodies are unbearably close I know, you can hardly tell the difference...

                                                                                          (Source: Coletterie website)

So I probably should have read all the reviews on them before I cut them out but Mehh....
As many people have said they are really low on the waist and could probably do with a few inches added. On my FB Kathy mentioned to me the crotch depth seemed too shallow, which I also agree on... But this also might be due to my ever expanding arse.

Either way I think pattern mods would be fairly simple for when I make another pair, Because I will definitely be making them 100 times over :)

Also am thinking of doing a revamp of my sewing room, and would love any ideas?
Got some great ones already from Judith ;)
and gonna get the hubby to make me one of these babies that I found here. Oooh Yeah

Monday, 11 February 2013

Pregnant Dress

No I am not pregnant, but wearing this dress might make people think that I am.. But it's ok, because it's still cute and it's my fault anyway..
This is a Simplicity pattern 1800 AA.. which is a Amazing fit pattern.
I used the average fit in a size 14.. and suprisingly had to take it in alot.. the amazing fit was a good learning tool, but a bit annoying with all the basting and the constant unpicking...
I really loved Nikki's version over at Fancy That, looks gorgeous.. but mine hrrmm not so much gorgeous..

You see this dress has pleats at the front, and therefore calls for flowy materials.. and I used a pinwale :| oops..
So the pleats are very hard and do not flow as they are supposed to.. but IT'S LITTLE BABY DUCKS PEOPLE!!
Plus it has crazy cute pockets..

I probably should saved it for pants or a jacket... but I didn't think my boss would appreciate me rocking up in Duck pants..

Two New Looks

I first saw this pattern on i heart fabric, I swear I find so many things on Erin's site haha..
It was a post about Clothing Inspiration, and she had matched popular clothing brands with Sewing patterns. Score!

I absolutely love Cue dresses, but find they are always too short for my liking.. and out of my (Husband's) price range.

So I decided to give New look 6124, View E a crack and see if it would end up looking even remotely like a bought dress..
I didn't make the peplum, because let's face it, I don't really need extra material in the hip department.

Firstly I made my muslin from a poplin cotton that was on special at $3 a mtr, another great thing about this dress is it only needs 2 mtr's of fabric!

I didn't really get a lot of pictures of the muslin because I wore it out that night.. You can kind of see it in this picture below :)
But I did the sleeves a little differently from the pattern.. I gathered them a little to give a ruched effect. I think it turned out ok :)

The actual intended fabric is a cotton sateen at $12 a mtr... I clearly haven't got the matching patterns etc down yet, but will try harder next time.. Let me know what you think :)


Friday, 8 February 2013

A Hop, A Skip and a... Jumpsuit :)

Jumpsuit you say.. Isn't that a bit 70's? Isn't it a bit skydiverish...Maybe so.. but I love them..
If I had the legs I would wear mini jumpsuits ALL THE TIME...

I was inspired to make this jumpsuit after seeing Mimi's version of the McCall's M6083 here

After many people mocking my attempt to make a jumpsuit.. and me making a crazy trial one in a cheap cotton (which was so hard to actually get on by the way)

I have finished my final version..

Which should end up looking like this >>>

I think my version looks okay, and it fits pretty well:)

The jersey was on special for $4.95 a meter.. and I had some spare elastic, so this only ended up costing me about $15. Bargain..


I was making it to wear to my brother-in-laws engagement party in Tassie in a couple of weeks, but I'm not so sure it's dressy enough? But if I had accessories/heels on maybe it would be another story..
Oooh also I got new hair. Again. Story of my life. I get bored easily. Side note: I am special

Let me know what you think :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sew Grateful Reflection Post

Firstly I am grateful that my Husband and my mum bought me a sewing machine and overlocker.. and began my crazy sewing journey..

Grateful that my husband also built me a sewing table, and helped me to set up a sewing room that I didn't really need, but really really wanted

Grateful that I got accepted into my Fashion and Design course, which will help me to build my skillset

I am SEW Grateful that I joined the sewing community and created a blog..
I am now a little obsessed, but it seems everyone on here is so I don't feel as bad haha
It's a great place to learn new techniques, find new patterns, get great ideas and generally be really jealous of other sewer's Gorgeous outfits

It's so great that not only my friends are family are supportive, but the online community, who don't even know me and have never met me, but are always so helpful and encouraging. Nothing is really negative, and everyone is always so kind to one another, which is great because unfortunately nowdays it is so strange for social media to not have any type of bullying.

Everybody just seems so full of joy online, it's very motivating and wonderful.. So thank you to everyone for making me feel a part of it :)

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