Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Define Model.. Erm someone who is not me

So a friend of a friend saw my blog, liked what I was creating and wondered if she could take pictures of me for her Photography website, I said "Sure, why not".... when what I should have told her is
"You may want to find someone that actually knows how to model, pose, stand, doesn't look like a complete twat.."

But apart from me, the photoshoot was great:)
Kiki was wonderful on the day, she has great energy and a lot of love and passion for what she does
Check out her website here

Here are a few sample pics from the shoot..


I will have more pics and info on these dresses in upcoming blogs:)

Moral of the story, I can tick model off my Bucket list..

P.S. I have a blog related questions I would really LOVE help with... any ideas as to why I don't have a little thumbnail pic next to my blog in my reading list, and mine says rather than my name like everyone else's?
Also I can never get my damn pictures next to each other.. It's driving me nutso..

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Eeep Liebster Awards

Eeeekk I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Tigergirl :) Firstly thank you very much for your support.

What is the Liebster Blog Award you say?
The award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers/readers who are a 'Favourite' of the nominator, and hopefully to increase their readership.
They must also post 11 facts about themselves and nominate some of their favourite blogs..
So here goes..

1. I'm 26, have a Gorgeous Husband and two little Baby boy's, Theo and Schnitzel (Maltese-Shitzu and Dachshund cross)

2. My favourite colour is definitely Purple. When I was younger, my room had purple walls, ceilings and carpet.
3. I get bored of everything really easily.
4. I like to watch the Simpsons at least once a day

5.The first time I used a sewing machine was Four months ago
6. I'm actually amazed by the lack of frustration and patience I have with sewing (since I'm the complete opposite with everything else in life)
7. I recently got accepted into my course Applied Fashion Design and Technology, and am so looking forward to going back to study (we'll see how long that lasts)

8. I was the drunk bride and my husband was the sober groom. (One of the reasons I love him)

9. I love to read books. >>> (Fav)
10. I understand everything in Greek, but don't use it enough to speak or write it.
11. I'm in love with my car Chloe the Cooper, even though she is really expensive to maintain, it's not her fault.

My Choices for 5 blogs are: Love Natalie's Style, dresses her glasses, shoes..need I go on? Neeno is so cute, was my first follower and one of the first blogs I read Alice is fairly new to me, and sew's adorable things:) Not only sewing, but interesting insights and opinions Who doesn't love Rockabilly/vintage/pin up fashion blogs?

Thank you :)


I received two more award nominations from the lovely Katy over at Sleek Silhouette and also from the Gorgeous Stephanie at Mabel Makes:)
Thankyou for your support lovely ladies, here are your answers :)

1. How did you get into sewing in the first place/Tell me a few things about you and why you sew or knit?
One day I just decided that I was sick of the clothes out there all looking the same and all showing my a** haha .. So I decided to try to learnt to sew, I’m very Impulsive :)

S: Why did you start your blog?
2. I started my blog to keep myself motivated and get advice from fellow seamstresses:)

K: 2. What is your favourite part of sewing?
Having something homemade, exactly how you want it, and I love people commenting on the garments and wanting one of their own

S: 3. What is your fashion style? Does it match your handmade style?
Hmm I think my fashion style is a mix of everything, I like Cue clothes/worky style outfits, pencil skirts, fitted dresses etc.. but I also love retro clothes, 50's dresses cute prints:)
I think it will eventually match my handmade style when I get a bit faster/better at being a seamstress :)

K: 3. Have you tried designing your own clothes, is this something you’d like to try in the future?
I would LOVE to, create my own fashion line, sell to superstars.. wouldn’t we all? ;)

S: 4. Where do you get your inspiration for projects from?
Mags, other blogs, Famous designers :)

K: 4. What has been your favourite moment since starting your blog?
Everytime I get new followers, I get a little excited ;)

S: 5. Where did you learn to sew/knit/crochet?
Self taught at the moment, But just started my tafe course studying Fashion Design and Technology because I would like to know the 'right' way to sew :)
I am planning on learning to knit at the end of the year when I head to Tassie with the in-laws:)

S&K: 5. Is there anything challenging that you haven’t made yet but would like to ? (mine would be tailoring a jacket)/What technique or item of clothing are you afraid to make?
Pants!! I’m too scared :| Eepp

K: 6. What make are you most proud of?
Probably the dress I made for my friends engagement.. I put a lot of work into it, and was so happy with how ecstatic she was with it:)

S: 7.  Where do you buy your fabric or wool?
Ermm I buy some online, because the lack of selection here in Adelaide, but Spotlight, Dk Fabrics and Catwalk fabrics are the main places over here:)

S&K: 7/9. What make are you most embarrassed by?/What was the first thing you ever made?
Probably my little man, the first thing I ever sewed, that sits in my sewing room to remind me or where I started. (he is ugly-adorable tho lol)
(you can see him on the fabric!)

S&K: 8/10. What is the nicest compliment you’ve received for something you’ve made?/What is the best thing you ever made?
I was at the races in my Birthday dress, and a complete stranger came up to me and told me she loved my dress and asked where I got it. Loved telling her I made it actually.. My mates tell me all the time, but it’s a different feeling with strangers :)

S&K: 9/11. Do you have any aspirations for taking your sewing further, such as starting up a pattern label, opening a shop? Do you work in a creative industry? If not do you plan to eventually make a business out of your crafting or do you want to keep it a lovely hobby?
I don't work in the industry, but would love to.. bit hard in Adelaide tho.. not many big names over here:)
I certainly do! I would love to create my own clothing line and either open a shop or be a stockist. This is the reason I’ve recently started a course on Fashion, design and technology :) It will take awhile, but hopefully I’ll get there! :)

K&S: 6/10. Are you a perfectionist or a ‘get it done’ sewist?/What is your process – for sewing do you make a muslin, for knitting do you make sure to swatch? Or do you just make it up as you go?
Hrmmm at the moment, I’m a get it done, mainly because I’m self taught :| …. but would love to be a perfectionist, partly the reason I’m studying ;)
I don't ever make a muslin (oops) bad sewer, bad.

Thanks Ladies <3

Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Year, New Look

Hi All,

Just a quick one to say I thought I would update my blog with a simple fresh look before I become ridiculously famous and people start to recognise me.
Note the sarcasm

I love it and hope you do to.. It makes me feel as though I could go on to sew this

Highly not likely...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Electric Blue

Ahhhh Gotta love Holidays and Christmas and getting money to spend on new things :)
Instead of blowing it all on clothes and shoes (like I normally do) I decided to buy a dress form (which was on special for $175!!) and a whole bunch of new fabrics and patterns :)

Ok dresses..So when I found this fabric online, I loved it and bought it without having a pattern in mind... which is strange because I normally work the other way round :)
It's my first burda pattern, which I found to be a little confusing :| let's just say there was a lot of unpicking..
So the pattern was Burda 7132
I decided to make the dress, which has a worky kind of feel to it.
First dress without lining, and my first facings.. the zip was also extremely long, and it took me a few goes to get it right and even then I wasn't 100% happy with the finished zip..hmmphh anyway here it is..


It's really hard to see the pleats at the front of the dress, because of the pattern, but they are really cute:)

Also I was browsing through a thrift shop and came across a $4.50 quilt cover, which I used to make another Butterick B5748.. Eekk I love the full skirts..can't get enough :) I will make so many more of these
dresses, they are fairly simple and only have 4 pieces, which is great!

Gee sorry for the long post :)

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