Friday, 26 July 2013

How sad..

Hello lovelies,

Well currently I'm on a mini bus crammed with people from about 4 different states headed back from Albury to VIC.. I Have been travelling around the country all week for training in the factories and offices.. and therefore have been on a bus/plane for a majority of my time.
I have come to the realisation that I think about sewing about 70% of my day.. don't get me wrong I do this at work too, but the difference is I get to go home and sew/read blogs/generally waste hours researching/dreaming of outfits I could never really create...
But having sewing as a hobby is not really something you can take on the road. This being said I did spend a 2 hour training drawing sketches..oops. I know I have a 3 week holiday coming up in Tassie too, and will miss my little machino..
I guess I'm asking what else I could take up that is relatively 'travel friendly'... I'm thinking crochet or knitting but not sure how hard/long these take to pick up? :)

..anywho back to counting road signs

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Vintage Patterns

Hey guys,

So I made a dress for a mate (will post pics at a later date) and she thanked me by giving me these vintage patterns!
I have never sewn with vintage patterns before, so I would love any advice, tips or comments you have. Also any good links on how to adjust the pattern, because my bust measurements are a bit larger than the patterns.. I know I follow a lot of people who sew vintage, just unsure if they follow me haha..

Thinking I may make a blouse with this fabric..
and potentially a dress in this gorgeous find.. If I have enough
Let me know what you think :)

Oooh p.s... I have a wedding coming up in Nov and would love suggestions of formalish patterns..possibly long dresses? :)
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