Monday, 21 July 2014

Who wear short shorts...err not me?

Nothing for 4 months then 2 in a night, BAM on fire.  
So as promised here are Chataigne and Nettie in all their glory. Both made with the intention of travelling to Europe with me.
Now I have to tell you I don’t wear shorts, like ever, ever. So when I was making these up, much to the confusion of my husband and myself, I was in wonderment the whole time as to whether I would ever actually wear these.
Prepare yourself for some serious cropidge.

My friends being all cute and complimentary kind of convinced me they look ok, but then my legs convinced me I would only really ever wear these with tights. They do that. Damn legs.
Either way I think I will wear these in Europe if not for the love of them then for the simple fact that I am bound to run out of other clothes.
I actually really like the style and cut of the shorts, the pleat detail in the front and the high waist seam lines, I only omitted the pockets because I felt I didn’t need more fabric in ze butt region.
Great now my butt is on the internet.
All in all they were fairly easy to make, with the pointy waistband part being the fiddliest bit, and I would recommend making some for yourself, especially if you’re a shorts lover ;)  
And now to the Nettie, this is my first Nettie in a Scuba knit with a funky little pattern that I loved. I am already planning another one in a warmer, possibly long sleeved version to take with me also, as I can see this being a great ‘layer’ top.
I decided to go with the scoop neck and medium back, which in hindsight I would probably change to a high back.. This was a quick make and came together easily, but it was my first knit.. so not sure if I need a lot more practice with stitches/needles/controlling the fabric or if I can blame my biatch of a machine for chewing the fabric and sewing sideways in some points.
I eventually gave up and used my overlocker everywhere I could, but those hems on the arms. Ouch.
What the heck is happening here, I'm like mid dance.
The only pattern issue being that I needed to take in a lot in the crotch area, as the back was bunching. I think this is due to a combination of the scoop back and me being a midget, so at least I’ll know for next time :)

Halfway through my ‘list’ making I came across Reanna’s list of things she wished she’s packed for her never-ending holiday she is currently on. I was looking for something like this, even RTW clothes for SO long that I almost cried when I came across it.
I am totally using it as a guide on what to pack, and she even has links to patterns to suit, Chris almost killed you for that one mate haha..
Eeeppp not long now, under 60 days till I am drinking champagne at 9am. Cant. Freaken. Wait.

What have you been sewing, I wanna know if I missed anything!

A Dotty kinda Style

My gosh I haven’t blogged for like 4 months. Eep, what a stooge.

It’s probably because I have actually been trying to get through my ginormous list of things I wanted to sew before we go on holiday. Key word, wanted.
I have no hope of actually finishing everything and my husband informs me I don’t need to take all the things on my list anyway, I mean I thought 5 pairs of shoes for 5 weeks was doing well.. Come on people, back me up with this one.
I have still been following everyone else daily, commenting, becoming jealous of makes, ooohing and aahhing over controversial conversations.. you know what I’m talking about. Also Its way easier to lay on the couch and read about other people’s makes, than it is to get my ass up and take pictures of my own, anywho I made it off the couch…
Those of you that follow me on the Gram would know I have made some Chataigne shorts and the blogosphere go to at the moment, the Nettie. But today I am blogging a top I made awhile back, the Style Arc Dotty Blouse.
I probably made this about 4 months ago and wore it quite a lot. I love the way that this fabric falls at the front of the shirt, and I also love the sleeves (no idea what it is, I’m terrible with fabric but its some poly, silky feeling thingo) However everytime I wear it I think I should really maybe tack the front together. It tends to open up and show everyone, well everything, partly due to the slippery fabric, partly due to my boobs.
The only thing in the instructions that had me confused was the double yoke roll up pushy outtie turn around and inside out bit. But I figured it out, eventually.
I machine stitched the back hem and hand stitched the back neckline and didn’t bother with the inside cross over front as they fold under and are stitched this way on the side seams. (does that even make sense)
Since making this I have lost a little bit of weight, so it looks a little bigger on me now than it did 4 months ago, but when I made it to the measurements described on the pattern, it fit very well. As the patterns are only in one size if I made it again I would definitely alter it or use larger seam allowances in necessary areas.
I have seen a lot more Style Arc patterns out there now, and the feedback, apart from the vague instructions seems very good. The sizing is pretty spot on, and not many alterations need to be made from what I've read.
All in all I think I will make this top again in a less ‘going outy’ fabric, and something with a bit more body for wearing with jeans etc.
Something like my girl crush Sophie's.
Well that’s it for now but I will be back with Chataigne and Nettie, I promise.
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