Saturday, 14 September 2013

ANNA ANNA wherefore art thou Anna

Hey All,
Yewwww Anna, the final make from the complete set of the girls..

I'm a little slow on the bandwagon with the Anna, but I got there in the end.
As you've probably seen this is a fairly easy make, but takes a bit of time for all the french seaming/prep process.
I love the shape of the Anna, and the fit was pretty much spot on out of the packet. I saw Taracat didn't need a zip on her version, and prayed I wouldn't either.. MUHAHHA Success, No zip needed!

(this is Schnitzel, my little photobomber)

Errm mum, you realise dad is taking a picture of your behind?

I look so grumpy in these pics, but in reality I'm just being blinded by the sun..

Side view or dancing?
Neckline or boobs?
I have no idea what this fabric is (don't remember buying it) but it reminds me a little of sass & bide.. and Gosh it was slippery as hell to sew with, which is probably a good practice run as my next Anna will be with this baby...

for a wedding
in November
so many ahhh factors. You get me?

Lauren sent me a detailed lengthy email with pointers/tutes/suggestions on what/how/why to do everything which was really helpful/lovely of her :)

....So I pretty much stroke this fabric every couple of days, but don't have any actual plans to cut into it.. so may be hard to sew the actual dress im thinking.. hmmm. Eventually my friends. Eventually.
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