About Me

Hey there, well I am 28, living in little old Adelaide and started sewing back at the start of 2013.
Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my husband and his bank account) I am a little bigger than designers like to cater for.

So due to the fact that I love clothes, I love shoes, I love anything designer and everything fashion I thought I would give making my own creations a go… I found out (like most people that don’t sew) it takes a lot longer to construct a garment than you think. 

After joining a sewing school and pouring over the sewing community online, I decided to start my own blog to gain advice, comments and be a part of the love I see within the blogging world

Bec Stitches was born to share with you my dressmaking adventures and new skills that I (hopefully) learn. I love advice, tips, comments or generally any help you are willing to offer.

Please let me know your blog links too, as I love finding new blogs for inspiration.
I hope you enjoy my pics and outcomes, and thanks for visiting:)

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