Monday, 17 June 2013


Heyyyyyy have you made this dress yet!?
If not then you should... I'm a little bit in love, hence already making two :/
I love it so much!!! and it's relatively easy to put together too, which is great seems I'm a muppet sometimes
(also muppet worthy note the tryhard Elisalex pose)
...I think the only thing that made it difficult was that I cut out the wrong side and at first it was huge on me. Note for the next time tho hey ;)
So here are some constructions/finished piccies of the black version (when it was first ironed).. I think I did a pretty good job at matching the pleats to the princess seams too, which was good, as I firstly thought from all the taking in it wouldn't match :)
The colourful fabric is a 1920's cotton which I picked up from a vintage shop that was having a sale. Score. The black is just a plain thicker type cotton blend, and is the first black dress I have made so far! Also this is my first giant long metal zip.. which came out a little wonky, but practice will make sortof perfect ;)
I also tried to add in seam pockets to the black version, as you can see.. but they weren't sitting right and were kinda sticky outy not sitting right annoyingly half visible, but not in a way I can explain..sanely..
Anywho I decided to just get rid of them in the end. Another problem I had with the black version, was that I am a retard, and hacked trimmed off a lot of the length whilst it wasn't straight/on the floor, and realised when I turned it over and saw this. Moral of the story. I'm an Idiot.
But all the non-sewers can't tell hopefully, so it's all good :) Not as good as cleaning a shark tank, but still..
Also check this skirt I found at a vintage shop near me, 100% cotton and 100% adorable. $5. Freaken score.
annndddd I made this little Superhero cape for Ethan, my mates little man:)
(oops don't remember which tute I used, there are so many. My bad)
Obv this is not on him, but I thought I would show you.. annnddddd I got to use my blanket stitch:)
ELISALEX.. I Love love love the pattern, did I mention that?
So you should all totally make one. DO IT

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