Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blog Lovin and a little more lovin

Is this thing on?

I don't use Google reader, I just use my blogger reading list..(hope that's not disappearing too?) but I've heard from pretty much every blog I read that's it is becoming non-existent... hence the bloglovin link, I'm a sheep :)

But also thought I'd share with you some other lovin I received this week, In the form of my husbands fairy god sister..
she sent me a cute little package of things she thought I might like, including the following..
Vintage buttons and thread, some baked goods, a jumpsuit pattern, cute little hair pieces and a necklace, a little sketch pad for drawings on the go ;) and some lace vintage collars!

Quite a stash right:)
I need help, how do you think I should the collars? Any pattern suggestions? Tips etc? :)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Sewing room sneak peak..

Hi All,

Working on fancying up my sewing room and thought I'd show you a few sneaky pics and how it's (kinda) coming together..

The white roses you see in the vases are dried from my wedding day and were gifted to me from close friends so it makes them extra special :)

Also just received my Butterick B5895 pattern, and am super excited to search for fabric :)
Oh my gosh, I am so in love with this fabric on Tessuti fabrics
*sigh* unfortunately my husband would kill me if I purchased any at that price..

Also working on ANOTHER B5748 I know I know.. its a pink and white polka dot cotton sateen and it feels lovely:) Will post pictures once complete.. (highly likely to be the day of the wedding it's intended for, oops)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Worky Work, Marcy Marc and a Sorbetto

Firstly check my new lurverrrr Jacob. Isn't he adorable.. *sigh*

Anywhoo I've been meaning to make a Sorbetto for ages,
I mean LOOK how many there are out there EEEK!! Ahhh gotta luuuvv a free pattern :)
I wanted to make a simple one at first, so I found a plain fabric in my stash.
Decided I had enough to try match a skirt too.. I chose Butterick B5566 for the skirt pattern.

They were both fairly simple and straightforward to put together and I think I will make both again, maybe with nicer fabrics ;) Although I do need a bit of work on my fitting capabilities..
Their great simple items for work, which I haven't really made enough of yet. I think the sewing bloggers call them Cake? Rather than Frosting :) hehe

Anyway here they are..

Hhmm I kinda get the feeling that together they are a bit matchy matchy? What do you think?
Might be better as separates? Maybe a Belt.. or maybe a tan? Jeeeeez...

I dunno, but I do like how they turned out :)
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