Sunday, 21 April 2013

My first Gertie

This face pretty much sums up how I feel about this top....
It's the new Butterick pattern by Gertie, B5895..
I'm just not really sure if it's me, or if it's something I would (should) make again.. Hmm.
Don't get me wrong, I love the style and the overall look of the top, just maybe not on me?
For one thing it is extremely short, I mean look at that guts.. ahh sorry guys (ps..that scar is from naked ironing, idiot)

I knew it would be on the shortish side, just didn't realise it would show my entire stomach.
Sorry I didn't get many pics of it actually on me, I was in a rush...and then to drunk...
On the plus side it made me realise I need more high waisted items, which I why this Gorgeous Skirt is next on my to make list :)
I think relating to the construction of the top I effed it up somehow, because the collar at the back didn't end up matching as it should have, which also made the facing sit weirdly, so I had to kind of wing it and try to fix it the best I could.. hmmm..

Again the buttonholes are a bit dodgy, due to the fact I haven't done many, and I blame my machine..
Speaking of machines, the hubby and I went sussing on Saturday and got a 40 minute tutorial on this little beauty that I have since been dreaming about every hour... *sigh*

Let me know what you think, about the top and/or the machine if you've heard any reviews ;)

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Eeep.. I tried to install Disqus so I can get back to people.. but not sure that it worked. It looks like you can't comment and my comments have disappeared? :( Whattt theee...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sewing Machine Recommendations

Hi there,

I am looking for any sewing machine recommendations.. I think it's getting to about that time for me to trade up.
But I'm not really sure what to look for? Good models/brands?
I currently work on a Singer 7105, which is fairly old and doesn't really have functions which I use, apart from straight stitch and occasionally zig zag :)
Also I live in Adelaide Australia, so I would need to research the servicing capabilities etc.. but would love any recommendations/suggestions on what to look out for, because I'm pretty clueless..

Thanking you in advance :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

My Sewing Space

EEEEPPPP I'm so excited to share my sewing room with you.. and generally just excited that it is finally completed:)

Here it is...

Isn't it dreammmyyy :)

This is what it looked like when I decided I wanted a whole room for myself haha..

It now has the beautiful large table that my husband and myself made...A spare TV turned into a computer which works well for us, working side by side
Thread holder and fabric roll holder made by the hubby, and little decorative button designs
 (Idea from Judith over at Made by J) :)

Decorations and my inspiration boards..

Gumtree bargain chairs

Some material on display..
My little Singer 7105, and Victoria, (Latin for Victory) I thought it was

and this baby holds all my notions, scraps, tafe work, patterns..
 Overall I am Extremely happy with how it's turned out :)

Weeeeeee off to sew :)

My Mathilde

Hi All,

Well.. am I glad I attempted this gorgeous blouse pattern by the ever so talented Tilly..
So many cute details.. Vertical tucks (debatable on mine), Gorgeous puffed sleeves, and a cute little button feature (note: I suck at button related things)

Not only was the pattern relatively easy to put together, but Tilly's step-by-step tutorials really helped me a lot...brilliant Lady :) Ok so onto construction of the blouse..
('s totally hard to see the details when the top is on me.. but better in the below pics.. weirdness)
If when I make again I would use a lighter fabric.. I'm not 100% sure what this fabric is, as it was thrifted.. but it feels like a poly thicker linen blend.. Possibly definitely a little too thick for the French seams and the hem :/ oops..
But I plan mainly on wearing it with high waisted skirts anyway, so not that bothered about the hem ;)
I love Solvi's version, so may even make a black one next ;)

Here are some detailed pics.. note the previously mismatched hem which somehow turned out to be matching?... it's a mystery..



Ahhh the buttons...I used fabric covered buttons, which I love the look of :) But I think that is where the positives end on the button front...
I don't have a buttonhole foot, So I just kinda winged it with zigzag stitches.. eeepp. Doesn't look sooo bad (lies) but I don't want to buy a buttonhole foot yet (in hopes of a new sewing machine for my August Bday.. Hint Hint: ANYBODY)
The buttons aren't really that straight because I am terrible at handsewing... annnndd the top buttonhole was too small for the button to pass through (oops), so it is actually sewn down through the hole, so you can't actually unbutton it haha.. hmmm

Overall I love the design and the fit of the blouse, but I need to pick better material and work on my buttonhole/tuck/generally all skills before sewing again :)
What do you guys think??

Again thanks to Tilly's tutorials, I made a little bow belt to go with another version of a B748 dress which I wore to a 50's themed wedding:) Here I am wearing them right before the wedding with the hubby

Also my sewing room is FINALLY finished, So hoping to take pictures tonight and will put a post up real soon:) Looks super cute, and is exactly how I wanted it to turn out.. Weeeeeeeee
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