Monday, 4 November 2013

Long time no post

Hello There,

Well my silk Anna only has the hem to be done and then she is completed:)
(sneak peaks on my Instagram, booyeah on the zip)
Will hopefully get some pics of her on the weekend.. until then here are some things I've been creating..

I made the above dress, New Look 6124 in version A this time, and I love the neckline. It seems I'm getting faster as this only took me about 5 hours to put together, but I have made it before.
It seems I must have sewn seams at 3/4 last time and didn't make notes.. ahh so cant breathe it in very well, but I'm sure ill kick on ;)

I also made this Elisalex skirt version with the cutest puppy fabric ever. SAUSAGE DOGS PEOPLE.
I started to make a.. get this.. stretch denim Anna. WTF. To be fair it was past midnight and I probably should have just gone to bed.
I am also in the process of making a Negroni for the hubs...
  I still have this Anorak pattern from Style Arc, which I have been wanting to make up for agesssss, but haven't found an olive green in the right kind of fabric.. so I settled and bought this Lightweight Twill.
Now all I have to worry about are the vague (for me) instructions :| eeep. Does anyone know of any versions?
aaannnndd I just got these babies today. . *squeeeel*
Also completely unrelated to any of the above.. If any of you lovely ladies in blog land have suggestions for a great pants pattern I would love to hear it. In case you didn't notice I have more junk in the trunk than most, so a pattern to suit the err "Curvier" type butts would be great :)

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