Tuesday, 27 November 2012

First actual sewing project

So after my first sewing attempt, I decided I needed some help..
So I joined up at The Sewing School. http://www.thesewingschool.net/

Run by Janet it is a great little place that has a positive attitude to learning, and a great group of girls with varied skill levels that love to sew and give advice :)

So after joining the first project I thought I would try was a Butterick Skirt, B5285.
I used a navy wool blend, as I wanted to wear this skirt fairly high waisted and for work.

So what the skirt taught me was this. People who have never sewn before don't realise how long it takes to sew one garment. Especially a new pattern.. even the cutting out of the pattern and material took me about 3 hours hahah.. but eventually I got around to the sewing of the skirt.

The skirt has pleats, which were easier than I first thought, but still a pain..
Also the zip was interesting to learn.. and difficult to remember.. The outcome to the skirt was below..

Not so bad, but not so good....
I think stitched the pleats too far down, so it sits a bit weird..

I think I have worn it once or twice, but have trouble pairing it with other items..What do you think?


  1. Sometimes the cutting and preparation takes longer than the actual sewing! I've learned to enjoy the tedious little tasks of marking my pleats and darts, and ironing :)

  2. I will need to learn to enjoy them haha :)



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