Sunday, 10 November 2013

my little silk goddess

This baby has got to be one of my favourite makes yet.
It is of course the Anna Dress in 100% Silk Habutai, from the lovely ladies at Tessuti.
It was $28 a metre and I bought 5 metres, I also bought beautiful lining which I didn't end up using at all, so it's gone to the stash..I only ended up using about 3ish metres.. so this dress ended up costing around $100 all up:)

I decided to wear a slip underneath and using bias binding on the neckline.
The neck binding and the zipper insertion took me about 3 hours, due to me constantly thinking I would screw it up, it was sewn at the pace of a snail... progress shots..
(luckily I have a large dining table)
 (ooh yeah frenchies and zipper)
(right before heming)
God I was so worried about touching, cutting, sewing, pinning, zipper insertioning, french seaming, marking, hemming this gorgeous fabric that it took me about 3 months before I even took it out of the bag.
To the readers of my blog that dont sew, (i.e my mates and family that like to make me feel good about my sewing) you know that feeling you have when you have satin sheets on the bed, and your wearing boxer shorts/silky nightie and you jump on the bed and slide onto the ground. Imagine sewing that shit together.
I researched ALOT of different ways to pretty much do everything on this dress,
I had a beautiful email with alot of very helpful information from Lauren after I asked her some questions about how she was planning on going about her Silk Anna, which of course I took on board because she is a genius.
I used Jen's method for cutting the silk, found here, which worked perfectly, time consuming with a maxi yes, but well worth it...
I also used her easy roll hem tute, also well worth looking at :)
Oh and if you're wondering why some of my normally shithouse pictures look so different in this post, it's because my bro's wonderful photographer girlfriend Sal (Rollabilly Photgraphy) offered to take these for me :)
Very summertime, so it's perfect timing. I made this dress specifically to wear to my brother-in-laws wedding in Tassie in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping the weather holds out ;)
Let me know what you think:)

p.s this post totally made me remember to book my hair appointment, ouch

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