Sunday, 18 August 2013

Victoria Blazer orrrrrr tent?

Hellooo there,
*sigh*.... So I loved the Victoria pattern, I loved making it. Really really couldn't wait to make a plain black one.. and found awesome lining for it too.
Which is why I'm so sad that I made it too big, like a spaz that I am
I know its supposed to be baggy boyish loosey etc.. but I'm pretty sure mine is past that stage..
Also hard to judge, as most people have made the cropped version and they look great a little loose..
I mean it looks ok in the top picture with my standing like that, but I'm fairly sure I can't have that stance/facial expression at all times. Although I do have my mouth open a lot..
So I cut a size 14US, going by my bust measurements.. but I'm thinking I should have gone a 12, or even 10!
I took some pics, so you guys could let me know what you think?
See how big it looks? and I'm not just talking about my ass.
I realise this is not the same shape, but took a pic of another jacket I have just to show you the shape on mwa..
Im thinking the only way I could fix it is to unpick the lining, unpick the pockets, unpick the side seams and take them in, and do the same with the sleeves..
UGH. I really don't want to have to do that, but I don't see any other way? :(

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