Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sew Grateful Reflection Post

Firstly I am grateful that my Husband and my mum bought me a sewing machine and overlocker.. and began my crazy sewing journey..

Grateful that my husband also built me a sewing table, and helped me to set up a sewing room that I didn't really need, but really really wanted

Grateful that I got accepted into my Fashion and Design course, which will help me to build my skillset

I am SEW Grateful that I joined the sewing community and created a blog..
I am now a little obsessed, but it seems everyone on here is so I don't feel as bad haha
It's a great place to learn new techniques, find new patterns, get great ideas and generally be really jealous of other sewer's Gorgeous outfits

It's so great that not only my friends are family are supportive, but the online community, who don't even know me and have never met me, but are always so helpful and encouraging. Nothing is really negative, and everyone is always so kind to one another, which is great because unfortunately nowdays it is so strange for social media to not have any type of bullying.

Everybody just seems so full of joy online, it's very motivating and wonderful.. So thank you to everyone for making me feel a part of it :)

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