Monday, 22 December 2014

My Sewing Hiatus

Hello people, my gosh I feel like I haven’t blogged in freaken ages, probably because I haven’t.
My last post was back from flippin July when I made my Nettie and some Chataigne shorts. I made these to take and wear in Europe, which I did..but since then I haven’t really made anything else for me.
So this is what was August which is crazy birthday month, besties, mine, mums then we pretty much went to Europe for September/half of October. I have sewn some things since Nettie but nothing really exciting and nothing for me really.
I did make another portside bag, which I turned into a nappy bag for one of my best mates Hannah, who was due (and delivered) her beautiful baby Grace while we were away J

I also made her some bibs, a dress, and a cute little changing table packaway thingo (im real motherly)
Also the hubs and I were working on a secret project for our first nephew Mason, which turned out really cute.. but was a giant pain in the ass to sew. Fleece, that’s all I’m sayin..
Haha he looks so little on the giant hippo. (burda 9513)
I have a whole bunch of things I want to sew, the list is longggg.. and I just bought the Sutton blouse
AND the Alice dress by Tessuti.. Strong willpower I have.
I plan on sewing a lot more in the new year, but that is always my plan. Life tends to gets in the way.
Im hoping I can knock some projects out over my Xmas break, but I think my sew-jo has gone missing.. 
Any tips/tricks for getting her back?

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